Day Hike: O’Peak

Situated 85 kilometers away from Cebu City, is Osmena Peak (O’Peak),  the highest peak in  Dalaguete, Cebu at 1013 MASL.It is part of the Mantalungon mountain range, and It’s named in honour of the famous Osmeña clan in Cebu.

It remains a favourite among Cebuanos and travelers because of its multiple peaks resembling Bohol’s Chocolate Hills but with thinner, pointer and sharper peaks.

The highest point can easily be reached from the base  of the mountain in 15-20mins.

Once you reach the Osmeña Peak, you can get a view of Southwestern Cebu coastline, and a glimpse of the Negros Oriental Province.

What to Expect

From the foot of the mountain, you’ll stumble upon a small community with sari-sari store and vegetable farms, tour guides in the newly developed tourism office where you’ll pay the environment fee, habal-habal riders waiting for tourists, and guidelines to remind every traveler to protect and preserve the natural beauty of Osmeña Peak.

We started our ascent to O Peak with a wonderful view and a perfect breezy weather! Here are some of the shots I’ve taken:

Honestly, you don’t need to hire a guide to climb this mountain since the trail’s difficulty is just 2/10. Just so you know, It’s the easiest climb I’ve ever experienced. Though, giving locals an additional source of income would be really nice. They can also make your trekking experience meaningful as you get to ask them about their views in life including the value of local tourism in Cebu.

Here’s our picture with Manong Driver and Ate Vilma while trekking O’ Peak. Geez, I must say that these locals are so kind-hearted and dedicated with what they do! During our hike, they keep on greeting tourists with grace and smile.

At the same time, they are good photographers who knows the best angle for your souvenir photos. You’ll be amazed with how  familiar they are with smartphones and DSLR Cameras.

These are sample shots from our tour guide:

We stayed for about 45minutes at Osmeña peak to relax, talk to locals,  enjoy the majestic view and get as many photos as we can. In the photo above, you’ll see me enjoying with my travel buddies Jez and Aimee.

We also met other tourists and pretend like we are having a walk in the park during our decent.

How to get there

From Cebu City – Take a bus (e.g Ceres Bus Co.) at South Bus Terminal that is bound for Badian in Cebu City, or ask the dispatcher or conductors at the terminal for directions. The trip takes about 2-3hrs depending on traffic. From Badian (Usually they will drop you off near Kawasan Falls Entrance), you can rent a habal-habal or book via local tour packages around the area. Take note thought that It will take another hour or two from Badian to Osmeña Peak.

Number of Person Rate per Person
1 900
2 to 5 700
6 to 10 600
11 to 15 500
Duration: 3 hours (2 hrs travel + 30 min hike + time for pictorial)
Start time: Anytime between 4:00 am (for sunrise view) & 3:30 pm (for sunset view)
Transportation: Habal-Habal (Motorbike) if less than 3 pax | Van or Multi-cab if 3 pax or more
  • Entrance fee
  • Round trip transfer from and to Highland Adventures Station (Badian) to the base of Osmena Peak
  • Free transfers from and to your hotel if it’s located in Badian, Moalboal, or Alegria
  • water
  • Hiking shoes if you don’t have
  • Guide(s)


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